Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Formal Letters Layout - Reference

    • Requests

    • Drawing Attention and Reminding

    • Expressing Willingness and Offers of Help

    • Apologizing and Expressing Regret

    • Asking for Clarification

    • Expressing Dissatisfaction and Complaining

  • 2


    • Opening Meetings

    • Inviting People to Speak

    • Giving Opinion

    • Formal Development of a Topic

    • Introducing Further Points

    • Establishing References

    • Giving Examples

    • How to Explain Yourself

    • How to Ask and Give the Floor

    • Summarizing and Concluding


Professional Trainer

Sol Hansen

My name is Solange Hansen. I am a Spanish teacher and a lawyer who graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I teach Spanish for all levels and especially Business Spanish for a broad range of professions. I am passionate about languages: I have also studied French, Italian, Portuguese -- even Greek and Latin; this is why I know how it is like to be a language student very well, and which ones could be your difficulties. Working as a lawyer allowed me to be in contact with other nations, and this was how I realized that a good education is what you need as English speakers to be able to speak a foreign language such as Spanish. In fact, there is no perfect course or guide that could teach you how to use Spanish correctly. Somehow, this is what my courses are about: adapting to your linguistic needs to be able to speak Spanish correctly in any situation.